BIO-Ethanol Plant

The Company also aims to launch the Compressed Bio Gas
(CBG) facility in near future to produce clean energy
which is also the need of the hour.

Renewable Power Co-Generation

The power plant does not have energy, it genernates it.

Steel Plant

The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire

Sugar Plant

The Sugar Series: The History of Sugar

Wave Industries
The Group has successfully cemented its position and earned a strong name for itself in the Sugar sector. However, it is for the hard-work and the spirit of our employees and management that Wave Industries has several successful businesses under its umbrella today.
Wave Industries Private Limited is the industrial arm of the reputed Wave Group and with a Turnover of ₹ 1,360 crore in 2021-22. Wave Industries bear a strong name in the market for producing high grade best and fine quality Sugar and allied products. Wave Industries has successfully underpinned its position in the Sugar Manufacturing Sector and has established excellence in the value chain. The kaleidoscope of the Wave Industries’ business portfolios consists of Sugar Manufacturing, Bio Ethanol, Renewable Power Cogeneration and Steel (TMT) Manufacturing.

Wave Industries Business Portfolios

The Company has significant footprints in the market through the following business segments

Sugar Sector Overview And Growth Outlook

India is world’s second largest producer of Sugar after Brazil. According to the estimates provided by the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) for 2021–22, India produced 360 lac ton of sugar after considering diversion of 34 lac tons of sugar equivalent into ethanol. However, last year the country produced 311.92 lac tons of sugar after diversion of about 20 lac tons of sugar for production of ethanol1. As per ISMA, in 2022–23, the Sugar production of India is estimated at 355 lac tons starting October. Though the Net Sugar Production before Ethanol diversion is estimated to be higher at 399.97 lac tons in 2022-23. Based on the satellite images procured in the latter part of June 2022, ISMA said that the total acreage under sugarcane is estimated to be higher by 4 per cent to 58.28 lac hectares in 2022-23.



Sugar Manufacturing

The Company has five Sugar Manufacturing Units Strategically located in Western Uttar Pradesh. The combined crushing capacity is 20,000 TCD. Its proximity to Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) offers it a huge market for consumption.


Renewable Power Co-Generation

The Company is equipped with – 1 X 30 MW Bagasse based Cogeneration Power Plant and 1 X 6 MW SLOP based Co-generation Power Plant installed at our Dhanaura site. The Power generated is used to fulfil the captive consumption requirement of the entire premises and the surplus power is EXPORTED TO UTTAR PRADESH POWER GRID.


Bio Ethanol (Bio-fuel & allied products)

The Company has made prudent investments to broaden its portfolio into Ethanol production in line with Govt. of India’s Ethanol Blending (EBP) programme. The Company’s new distillery was commercialised in Dhanaura (U.P) in March 2022 with the start capacity of 150 KLPD.


Steel (TMT) Manufacturing

Wave Industries Pvt. Ltd (Steel Division) is a steel manufacturing unit est. in 2013 in Dhanaura, UP (west) by Wave Inc. for producing quality steel, the TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treated) reinforcement Bars i.e.Saria, by adopting best industry standards and quality methods.


Agro Based Programmes

Sensing the growing needs for best agro products, the company ventured into modern cultivation of crops, other than Sugar cane viz. Potato, Peas, Moong, Rice etc. The growers are being contacted and cultivation and continuous control of crop is maintained so as to achieve best crop.


CBG (Compressed Bio Gas)

CBG has calorific value and other properties similar to CNG and hence can be utilized as green renewable automotive fuel. . The Company also aims to launch the Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) facility in near future to produce clean energy which is also the need of the hour.

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