Renewable Power Co-Generation

Renewable Power Co-Generation

The Company is equipped with
  • 1 X 30 MW Bagasse based Cogeneration Power Plant and
  • 1 X 6 MW SLOP based Co-generation Power Plant installed at our Dhanaura site.

The Power generated is used to fulfil the captive consumption requirement of the entire premises and the surplus power is exported to Uttar Pradesh Power grid

Bagasse is fibrous Sugarcane residue left after juice extraction. It is a valuable by-product. It has a very high calorific value (CV) and is used to generate steam and thereby electricity, which is a conventional Thermal alternative and eliminates emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, Bagasse is used for Power Co-generation. Power generated from Bagasse is low cost and non-conventional. Studies are underway to explore the usage of Bagasse in production of 2-G ethanol, Compressed Natural Gas (CBG), Green Hydrogen, etc.

Spent Wash is generated out of the distillation process in which the sugar by product called Molasses is used as a raw feed stock, which ultimately produces the bio-fuel called Ethanol.

The Green Power produced using Bagasse and SLOP is used for captive consumption at the Plant operations.